EVE Online begins testing a new tutorial portion that promises to better teach mining and provide a story


Orbit rock, shoot laser, hoover up stuff. It’s easy to assume that mining in EVE Online goes no deeper than that, especially if players have gone through the tutorial segments before. A new update to the tutorial section available on the PTS, however, is seeking to both provide new Capsuleers with a more immersive story and better prepare them for the depth of mining and the wider industrial portion of the sandbox.

This new portion of the new player experience (NPE) involves players solving a mystery related to an attack during their Capsuleer training. Along the way, players learn about purposeful ship outfitting, use of the wallet feature, and using mining equipment, all within an hour’s worth of storytelling. This segment of the NPE seeks to “strengthen player agency and build up the toolset of the player in an organized manner that never overwhelms” while also granting them key skills to thrive in the game’s world.

Of course, whether that holds true is up to players’ experiences, so CCP Games is urging players to head to Singularity and provide their feedback. Those who are curious about this upcoming NPE segment can otherwise read the rundown for more.

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