The Wagadu Chronicles has kicked off its alpha-1 phase today


As promised, The Wagadu Chronicles begins what Twin Drums is calling alpha-1 as of today. “The first closed Alpha-1 will last a week from today (until 1. March at 11:00 CET) and brings to life two Wagadian islands protected by hungry Waka spirits in the 4th Era,” the devs say.

So what’s in this test round? Quite a bit: the character creator with “several lineages and variations,” tactical combat, gathering, crafting, the skill system, AI, trade, parties, two biomes, the “cinematic dialogue mode,” guild quests, and a PvP minigame.

The Wagadu Chronicles was Kickstarted back in 2020 for nearly $200,000 as a Riot Games-backed afrofantasy indie MMO; folks who pledged at the alpha-1 tier should have gotten their invites already. Non-backer signups for this phase of testing is actually still open for those who haven’t jumped in just yet.

Source: Kickstarter
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