Dual Universe’s Athena update promises PvP-centric updates to ‘set Helios ablaze’ this spring


The fires of PvP are soon to rage across Dual Universe this spring as the upcoming Athena update is promising “a new tidal wave of conflict that will set Helios ablaze.” Or at the very least, a few new reasons for players to fire lasers at once another in their internet spaceships.

At the heart of the Athena update is the introduction of alien core units – resource-generating points that players can capture and keep to rake up some sweet space resources, provided they can defend them. The update will also introduce stasis weapons that seek to shake up the meta of ships with powerful engines escaping smaller craft (did someone say tackling?). Finally, the devs at Novaquark are working on improving the performance of voxels near combat-related explosions.

For those who prefer to not fight others over resources, Athena is also introducing an improved tutorial, better visuals, a space market, and a new space map among other things. Future details are expected in dev blogs over the coming months, but for right now players may want to prepare for a punch-up.

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