World of Warcraft offers character transfer bundles while promising to strip rewards from recently suspended players


Patch 9.2 has arrived for World of Warcraft, and it’s also arrived in short order with… well, some bugs. (Luckily, a bug with trading equipment drops that should be available for trades has already been addressed.) But maybe you find yourself stuck on a server without your friends now that the patch has arrived and you want to go where the people are. Fear not; Blizzard will let you buy server transfers at a bulk discount now! You can transfer all of your characters for less than it would otherwise cost!

What are you mumbling about with “free transfers”? That’s not a thing. Why would that be a thing? Pay $80 and get six transfers for the price of three! Except for this brief promotion when you’ll get eight transfers for that same price.

In other news, players on the forums have been informed that a recent rash of players who received suspensions for inappropriate behavior will have their rewards taken away and their kills no longer counted, so they won’t log in after a suspension to find that ill-gotten gains are still theirs to enjoy. Vindication!

Source: Official Site (1, 2), Twitter
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