Fractured Online recaps the mechanics of player-run towns and houses


As we’ve been noting before, Fractured Online has been reiterating and re-sharing several dev blogs about its mechanics since the sandbox got a spotlight thrown over it with its Gamigo publishing deal. Ergo, the most recent feature spotlight is all about player-run towns and player housing, effectively rehashing details shared in 2018.

For those who are unfamiliar, Fractured’s player towns will feel both familiar to SWG vets while still looking to improve land ownership mechanics. Players can establish towns from pre-determined areas and progress them through 15 ranks of growth through gold, upkeep payments, and prestige points that are earned based on the number and types of buildings a town contains. The more ambitious players can also become town governor, gaining the authority to grant settlement membership, excommunicate members, decide where to place buildings, and determine which technologies to invest in.

For those who don’t want to set roots in player-owned towns, there are also pre-determined residential areas where players can plop down a house of their own, though there will be some limitations on crafting possibilities and how far a parcel of land can grow.

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