March 9 brings Vanguard class to Lineage Aden, improved hunting zones to Lineage II, victory system to Lineage Classic


The running joke is that there are too many versions of Lineage to keep track of, and that perception is certainly not made any easier with a preview of the upcoming Vanguard update announced by Lineage II, which is bringing goodies for the ARPG as well as Lineage II Aden and Lineage II Classic on Wednesday, March 9th. But then, all three variants of the game seeing updates at once is kind of par for the course by now.

One of the top pieces of content – and the one that lends its name to the overall update – is the addition of the Vanguard class to Aden, a spear-wielding warrior subclass that mounts a beast and charges into battle. The Vanguard is an Orc-only class and only wears heavy armor because of course it does. The update also adds a class change system that lets people swap to an entirely new class and keep their current level three times a month at the cost of 50M Adena and makes some balance adjustments to existing classes.

In Lineage II proper, several hunting zones and dungeons across the game’s world are getting revamped, new enhancement items for R-grade armor will be added, and a couple of class changes are being applied.

Finally in Classic there’s an upcoming victory system that awards Victory Coins for players who complete daily hunting missions, which can then be spent to gain special collection effects, along with some tweaks to the enchant system that shows success rates in the UI and grants challenge points for failures that can improve enchant rates.

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