Virtual reality MMO OrbusVR: Reborn kicks off spring festival, will revamp housing next month


Don’t tell MOP’s Chris, but he’ll soon have something new to look at on his Oculus Quest 2 in the form of OrbusVR: Reborn’s spring festival, which is live this week in the VR MMORPG, turning the game’s landscape over to everything green.

“After a long winter, spring has finally returned to Patreayl, and the villagers who keep the old ways alive are celebrating the Festival of Skogronn,” says Ad Alternum, now known as Orbus Online LLC. “Skogtrolls can once again be found haunting the shrines around sacred trees in every corner of the continent – and the ravens are back as well, hoping to snatch a few prizes from the shrines for themselves.” To take part – and collect their tmog cosmetics and mount – players need to hit up the festival NPC right outside Highsteppe.

The roadmap for the first half of the year teases plenty more in store for the game, including an overhaul for player housing, new questlines, a new tutorial, dungeon updates, and tinkering items. The devs are promising the housing, tutorial, and quest update in March.

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