Albion Online launches controller support next week ahead of Steam Deck support


If you aren’t a big fan of trying to manipulate Albion Online on your phone, but you also don’t want to deal with your keyboard and desktop, say hello to Albion Online’s Steam Deck implementation – and concomitant controller support.

“Beginning March 2, you’ll be able to play Albion Online with a wide range of standard PC and console controllers, as well as via the newly launched Steam Deck,” Sandbox Interactive says in a new dev blog today.

“The introduction of controller support marks the next step toward our goal of bringing Albion Online to as many players and platforms as possible, and we plan to continue optimizing this feature in anticipation of a full controller support release. Once testing begins, compatible controllers will be usable on all desktop versions of the game, and can be activated during this first phase via chat commands. (Those playing via the Steam client on Steam Deck will be able to use the device controllers by default.)”

SBI has previously said it is “quite likely” that Albion will eventually make it to consoles, though there were no hard plans for it as of last summer.

Meanwhile, the game’s next Crystal League Championship begins tomorrow; you can watch live on Albion’s official Twitch page starting at noon EST.

And of course, for those of you getting your Steam Deck on launch day… have fun!

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