Ship of Heroes teases next round of beta with deep-dive into housing and player bases


Hey housing folks! Ship of Heroes has a fresh dev blog out this week aimed squarely at your proclivities as it features player bases and how you’ll build them. “We think that every superhero needs a cool, secret lair, or a place to meet up with allies, or just a chill place to hang out and drink a cold one,” Heroic Games says.

According to the studio, the current setup for bases is to offer multiple layouts (the existing build has six), with furniture, pets, texture and color selections, windows and viewscreens and even transparent ceilings, lighting options, multiple stories, staircases, music picks, and walls to design your space.

“The current bases are not big enough to serve as a 50-hero guild hall, but we intend to add bigger starting spaces later, along with plaques that can carry custom messages,” the devs say. “Some games have player housing but not bases, or the reverse. Some have both, but they’re separated. We think it’s more fun to have the full set of options for whatever building you’re making. Want to stock up your home with medical kits and weapons? You can. Want to set up your supergroup mega-base with beds and sofas, or even individual rooms for members? That’s fine, too.”

The bases will be on display in the upcoming teeny-tiny closed beta, followed by a public beta “in the next few months.” Heroic Games notes that beta testers will see additional improvements, including a switch to the Steam launcher and patcher, plus the engine upgrade.

Finally, apparently some MMO gamers were hungry to play and found a way around the fact that the game is not currently for sale.

“Now, we’d like to repeat that there is no option on the Ship of Heroes website that allows any-one to purchase Ship of Heroes at this moment in time… but one is coming soon. Apparently some of our fans are so incredibly skilled that they found the hidden page on our site for buying SoH later on. They activated the right page and paid us, all to try to pre-purchase the game early. Wow! It’s extremely impressive, and definitely not the kind of hacking we were worried about. We have offered a refund to all who contacted us post purchase and tried to hide the pages better to avoid any billing problems for you guys in the future.”

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