Ashes of Creation elaborates on animal husbandry, offers first peek at Py’Rai race


The development livestream for February from Ashes of Creation has come and gone, leaving behind another bundle of updates and previews as the PvP sandbox MMORPG continues to slink towards its alpha two test.

One of the systems that got a major spotlight in this livestream is animal husbandry, which developer Intrepid Studios has previewed before. Animal husbandry starts with the taming gathering profession paired with the related animal husbandry profession, and the system will follow “a Mendelian model of real-life genetics overlaid with magical tools that help understand and influence the process of breeding animals in a fantastical way.”

The system promises a multitude of traits that can be sought, affecting things like appearance, performance, abilities, and combat efficacy, and different species all have unique traits. Furthermore, husbandry professions will have four different specializations – mount, pet, beast of burden, and livestock – that let players focus on the one kind of animal breeder they want to become.

The other major portion of the livestream was in the character art update segment, which provided a first look at the Py’Rai character race from both a concept art and a rough facial model standpoint. The segment also showcased some existing model updates to Kaelar humans, Ren’kai orcs, and a variety of new costumes. The environment art portion further provided concept art looks for Kaelar locations and Py’Rai areas. The full broadcast is embedded below.

source: YouTube
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