Profane is looking to create a whale with harvestable resources on its body


The picture you see above is a piece of concept artwork for a very large whale that will be found in the waters of Profane. It doesn’t have a name yet, nor does it have an in-game model, but it does have a potential function in terms of gameplay, as it will apparently have valuable resources on its body that players can gather, provided they’re agile enough to do so.

According to a Twitter thread all about the creature, decisions are still being made on how players will approach the creature, get on to it, and harvest barnacle-based resources on its body. It will certainly involve boats and will also require players to be agile and swift to avoid any danger from the massive creature as it aggressively defends itself, and it may also start fights in the ocean as players duke it out for the whale-borne resources in question.

As of right now, this whale of an encounter is all conceptual, and the devs at Insane Studio are seeking input from players in the game’s official Discord. We at least know that there will be at least one immense sea creature in the game.

source: Twitter
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