Fractured Online explains its alignment system for players to segment PvE and PvP play

Featuring evil players ruining your day no matter what your alignment might be!

Bad guys fight good guys whenever they want.

If you’re only just now hearing that Fractured Online will feature a system of player alignment to determine which players are allowed to attack which other players, well… now you know that. And if you’re thinking that this sounds like a system where a certain cadre of “evil” players will use this to absolutely ruin the day and/or item haul of basically anyone who is not armed to the teeth, well… yeah, pretty much. But there’s somewhat more nuance to the system as explained in the latest development dispatch.

Essentially, every player has a chosen alignment and a karma score, with players in negative Karma scores forced to declare themselves as Evil while anyone with higher scores can select any alignment. Good players get rewarded for taking out Evil players, as you’d expect, while Evil players can murder and loot and be as aggressive as they please, and Neutral players can attack other Neutrals or Evil players along the way. Check out the full rundown for some more details, but be careful an Evil player doesn’t gank you for laughs as you click on the link.

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