MGI Q4 2021: Gamigo’s parent company guns for mobile, takes over Wizard101 EU publishing, ignores RIFT

Happy 11th birthday, RIFT?


Gamigo’s parent company, Media and Games Invest SE aka MGI, released its Q4 2021 financials to investors this week, reporting a 65% revenue bump for the quarter compared to Q4 2020 and an 80% revenue growth for the full year 2021 compared to 2020. And to what does MGI owe this growth? A giant pile of corporate-speak about leveraging synergies between games, advertising, and media under its umbrella. The company is hoping to continue that growth by focusing on mobile:

“MGI is an early adopter of this ‘owned-and-operated ad-tech’ strategy, using the past years to build this position. In 2022 we want to further focus on strengthening, growing and expanding our company based on our ‘integrated owned and operated ad-tech’ strategy. This means that we will continue to focus on organic growth of both the media and the games part as well as the synergies between the two. This also means that we will continue to perform synergetic acquisitions, either smaller ones which we can leverage, or larger transforming ones that ad scale. But it also means some shifts of our investment focus: as mobile is the largest and a fast-growing market for both, media and games, mobile ad-tech infrastructure, mobile games content will become the main area of focus.”

As for the games segment – that’s Gamigo – MGI touts the acquisition of publishing rights for Fractured Online and updates for Trove and Wizard101 late last year. And as for Wizard101, the KingsIsle games performed well for MGI since that buyout and apparently Gamigo will be taking over European publishing of Wizard101 from Gameforge with no loss of accounts.

Readers will recall that during the Q3 investor report, MGI and Gamigo acknowledged that RIFT hadn’t had updates for a long time but would “have a first great update” in the first quarter of 2022. We’re now into the third month of 2022 and that hasn’t happened yet, unless you think the Valentine’s event somehow qualifies, and we sure wouldn’t. Either way, the Q4 report doesn’t mention RIFT at all, though it is specifically included in Gamigo’s 10 “premium” games slide.

As MMO Fallout pointed out, today is RIFT’s 11th birthday, and it has gone unremarked by the company on the official website and social media. It did post a sale today, however.

Source: MGI
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