WoW Classic’s Season of Mastery server opens Zul’Gurub this week

Don't call me Kyle right now.

Thirteen deadly bosses stand ready to make mincemeat out of WoW Classic adventurers — if said adventurers actually dare to step into Zul’Gurub when it unlocks on the Season of Mastery server this week. What are we kidding? There’ll probably be a fearless stampede of purple loot hunters kicking down the door and swarming that baker’s dozen of bosses before they can even pick up their weapons.

The super-charged server ruleset will open up the mid-sized vanilla raid on March 3rd. There is a lot of useful gear to be found here, as well as a pair of mounts that will make the rider the envy of every Tom, Dick, and Slog’oth in town.

“Deep within the jungles of Stranglethorn, an ancient troll city full of untold peril awaits,” Blizzard posted. “Do you have what it takes to delve into its mysteries? Assemble a band of hardy explorers and make your way to Zul’Gurub a max-level, 20-player raid instance with 120 new rare and epic items to procure from its verdant tree-lined avenues and lost temples.”

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