Aion NA brings back the Shugo Game event for another round until March 18


Are you prepared for another series of dangerous and deadly minigames involving ambulatory weasels? If your reply was, “Are you typing this while taking cold medicine?” then my answer is yes, but it’s also not a fever dream; it’s the return of the Shugo Games, which first debuted last December, and Shugos are a race of ambulatory weasels. See? It’s not just the DayQuil fog talking!

On point: The first iteration of Shugo Game was apparently popular enough that the murderous minigames are back for Shugo Game 2, running between now and Friday, March 18th, every Thursday and Friday night between 8:00 p.m. and midnight server time. As before, between 12 and 24 players can get into the games and try their luck for prize boxes, along with a chance at a bonus prize box provided contestants don’t fall to their doom into the toxic wastes.

The event is running for both Retail and Classic versions of Aion, with Classic players getting some extra rewards when they get 15 or more Shugo Game Marks, so purchase your tickets to the murder game show.

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