Dauntless lights up with radiant-themed monster variant, omnicell, and hunt pass in Reach of Radiance update

I cannot wait to fight laser peacock


Get your radiant armor and umbral weapons ready, Slayers, because Dauntless is bringing plenty of light with the New Dawn update. And by “light,” we mean “monsters with laser beam attacks.” Naturally.

One of the update’s tentpole features is the Lightbound Koshai, a peacock-feathered critter that has the power of lasers and time manipulation. Parts from this Behemoth are used in the creation of a new Artificer omnicell, which lets players take up “a true support role” as they can summon a drone that revives fallen players, clears status effects, blocks projectiles, or marks a Behemoth part to take more damage for a short period of time.

Also new to the patch is a cave system in the Conundrum Rocks island, new discoverable glider courses that grant rewards for gliding through a series of rings, and the usual new Hunt Pass, quests, Reward Cache, and weekly challenges all themed around radiant aether. The patch further provides some tweaks to some of the game’s monsters, makes adjustments the chain blades weapon, and applies a host of bug fixes, so Slayers may want to bask in the warm glow of the patch notes. But do not bask in the warm glow of Lightbound Koshai’s tail lasers.

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