Star Wars: The Old Republic lays out its March events while testing new bosses for the next operation

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All right, so the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion launched and you already finished the content it added in the time it took you to read this sentence. What do you do now? You could always take on the various events that are coming to the game this month, from bounty hunting to swoop rallies to the rather large-scale celebration planned for the game’s ten-year anniversary toward the end of the month. That should be entertaining, right?

Not enough for you? Well, maybe you can enjoy yourself by testing out the game’s new operation bosses for a little bit of raid-based enjoyment on the game’s test server. Three of them are available now, with more being implemented over the next several weeks, so it’s a place to start in on some new content. There. You have plenty of stuff to do, even if some of it is testing things for when they get fully released.

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