Mortal Online removed two alternate continents in favor of increasing server capacity


You might have noticed that the angry chanting surrounding Mortal Online 2’s long queues and server woes has died down since launch, though we’re not entirely sure studio StarVault is even sad about it as the game’s concurrency seems to have settled into a more manageable level for the indie one-shard MMORPG. This week, the Swedish studio has pushed out a patch for the hardcore sandbox MMO; here are some of the highlights:

  • Lootable corpses! We’re assuming these are static as the game already had lootable player corpses.
  • You now won’t just fall straight off a steep slope; you’ll slide gently to your doom.
  • House placement got some visual polish.
  • Crafting and UI got some quality-of-life love.
  • Haven picked up a new cave.
  • You can now leave the newbie areas without being locked out of the secondary Myrland servers.

And as for those secondary servers added last month, two of them have now been deleted, presumably because of the aforementioned population decline, but StarVault says it’s “increased the max capacity of all servers” to compensate.

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