WoW Classic public test realm datamining points toward Wrath Classic

Here we go again.

While nobody really denies that Wrath Classic is coming to World of Warcraft’s legacy servers, we are still waiting for that official confirmation — not to mention details — of the event. However, such a confirmation could be in the near future, as some clever datamining revealed Wrath Classic is most likely in the works.

Wowhead poked around in the most recent public test realm build for WoW Classic and found a couple of Wrath-related database entries lurking there. The site reasons that these refer to the Wrath of the Lich King login screen that would be used to replace the current Burning Crusade one.

But even assuming that it is coming, Wrath is most certainly a ways off. In the meantime, WoW Classic players on the Season of Mastery server have something else to preoccupy their time: the opening of the 12-player Zul’Gurub raid with its 13 bosses and epic loot.

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