SWTOR admits that Legacy of the Sith ‘was not a smooth transition’


For the first time since Legacy of the Sith’s release, BioWare is speaking out about some — but not all — of the problems caused by SWTOR’s controversial expansion release in February.

Game Director Keith Kanneg acknowledged on the forums that Legacy of the Sith “was not a smooth transition for some players,” although he mostly focused on bugs and other game-breaking issues in his post. He outlined several fixes that are coming with Update 7.0.1 to address “200+ fixes of varying degrees,” including inventory screen contrast, missing loot, and the inability to queue up for veteran mode flashpoints.

He did not directly acknowledge some of the loudest points of controversy over the expansion, particularly its short story length and greatly disliked UI changes. However, Kanneg did promise that “more story will be coming including new locations” as well as “more visual and modernization improvements.”

“[Update] 7.0 is a foundational update to the game,” Kanneg said. “The fundamental refactoring of all abilities and Advanced Classes into Combat Styles, the addition of the long-requested loadouts feature, and the beginnings of new UI/UX and Itemization constitute the most significant systemic changes made to SWTOR since launch. These are only the first steps toward the ambitious and inspiring vision we have for SWTOR’s future.”

Source: SWTOR
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