WRUP: Badger milk pitch meeting edition

Badging like you do.

All right, so get this. All right? All right. People like badgers, right? What do you mean “maybe?” People like badgers. Everyone likes badgers. Phil, bring up the slide about badgers. See? That’s a badger, that’s a happy person. People like badgers. And people like – wait, what do you mean that doesn’t prove anything? Oh, it so does not look like we put that slide together in five minutes.

Phil, how long did it take you to make that slide?

Two minutes?

Phil, what have I said about undermining me at pitch meetings? Look at me, Phil. You’re blowing this for me. You’re blowing this for us.

Look, let’s all pretend that Phil was never born, all right? Shut up, Phil. People like milk. And people like badgers. So people – Phil, you used the same image of a happy person next to milk! Now it does look like we put this together in five minutes! Damn it, Phil, I trusted you on this.

Phil. Phil. Look into my eyes, Phil. Do you want me to look like an amateur? Do you care about milking badgers and getting people to drink delicious badger milk?

What do you mean no?

What do you mean this is all because you’re in love with me?

Phil, we talked about this! I can’t marry you, I’m married to What Are You Playing.

Bonus question: What’s the strangest piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I’m going to try and make time for some Star Trek Online. I only just got back into the game after ten years and I’m finding it really interesting.

Bonus question: socks. Think about it. Someone invented tubes for your feet.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons! I’m playing one character with the husband, and this weekend I expect to pick out a different character to play with my kids.

I am in a constant state of decluttering when it comes to my closet, so I don’t have a lot of weird stuff, but I do have a pair of Baby Yoda house slippers and a t-shirt that reads “I PAUSED MY GAME TO BE HERE.”

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Once again I’ll mostly continue to move up the item levels in Lost Ark (as well as start using alts to feed the main), but I also want to check out the VR mech game Vox Machinae as well as probably play the demo for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Again. And again. And again.

I have a spectacularly boring wardrobe, honestly, and the word “wardrobe” is stretching to its absolute limits if I’m very honest. I suppose the weirdest pieces I have are some costume bits I wore for a ren faire I went to a few years back, but then I don’t wear those on the regular anyway so I don’t think that answer counts. My clothes are dull. I’m dull.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): This weekend is going to be mostly about single-player backlog, honestly. I’ve got a lot of games to get through, including one that I’m on deck for reviewing, so that’s going to be my major focus.

Honestly, I’m not sure if my Cuban-heeled boots are the weirdest thing I own, but I love them. They’re comfy and fancy, I use them whenever I feel the need for a little boost to my self-confidence (or my height, let’s be honest). No harm in being taller!

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I don’t think there’s going to be much gaming in my future this weekend. There’s a rally car race thingy I got invited (read forced to attending) that’s going to eat up my Saturday. However I plan to make time next week to play some End of Dragons. I’ve also been playing a spot of Infernax on my lunch breaks. It is so old school and silly and gory. I love it.

Bonus: Nothing really. Lots of graphic tees from various bands but otherwise I’m a basic boy.

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