Mad World showcases a dungeon in a video, starts taking sign-ups for its final alpha test


Were you wandering around the grimdark ARPG of Mad World’s alpha 5.0 last month? Then perhaps you plumbed a dungeon or two, or maybe you didn’t get as far as a dungeon in chapter 3, or maybe you just didn’t play at all. Whatever the case may be, you can check out some chapter 3 dungeon footage and watch a pair of players rumble around in an instance.

The footage itself is interesting enough, but the video’s description might perk some ears as it beseeches players to “please sign up to play the Final Alpha Test on the Mad World website.” Sure enough, the official site is taking registrations for alpha 6.0, though it also doesn’t outright state that this is the final alpha test. One way or another, there’s at least one more alpha to come, and interested players can get their eyes full of what dungeon delving in the game looks like after the break.

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