Black Desert Mobile opens the Field of Valor Desert, adds a quick join party feature, and nerfs the Kunoichi


There’s a new Field of Valor waiting in this week’s update to Black Desert Mobile, and if you’ve got plans on going there, you’d better bring your water and prepare for lots of sand because it’s a literal desert. No, seriously, it’s called Field of Valor: Desert, and players will need to make sure they have water when they choose to deploy to the area.

This particular Field of Valor isn’t an actual location that players can visit so much as an auto-battle function: Players select the area of the desert they want to visit provided they have enough CP, make sure they have refilled purified water, and then have a character automagically battle monsters and bring home items.

Another large feature in today’s update is the addition of a quick join party feature that lets players quickly join a public room for the Field of Valor or Ancient Ruins, as well as create a public room themselves.

On the class balance side of things, the Kunoichi has been bopped by the nerf bat, with changes to stealth and increased skill cooldowns, as the devs believe stealth was too strong of a mechanic and eliminated any risk. The update further makes some scoring changes to Guild War and applies tweaks to the Market including the removal of certain tabs and the end of Black Stone sales. The patch notes provide more details and a summary video can also be viewed below.

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