Lightforge Games raises $15 million in funding for development of a social RPG project

Pie, meet sky.

So what is Lightforge Games actually building right now? The answer is that we don’t actually know, but we do know that the company has raised another $15 million to do so in addition to the $5 million it already had. We also know that the studio is talking about building something that combines the creative options of titles like Minecraft with the feel of a tabletop RPG, so… draw your own conclusions or speculation based on that. What’s important here is that the company pulled in more investment from various sources including Netease with this round of Series A funding.

For those of you who have forgotten about Lightforge Games altogether, it’s another one of those studios scooping up ex-Blizzard developers that’s also in Mike Morhaime’s orbit as Dreamhaven has already announced a partnership with the studio. Perhaps most notable is the fact that the studio acquired artist Glenn Rane in May of last year, when he joined on as art director for the studio’s as-yet-unannounced project. Which apparently is worth some cash to investors, so that’s not nothing.

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