RuneScape puts out a new Yak Track, Old School RuneScape answers Tombs of Amascut rewards questions


Jagex is dishing out news for its two MMORPGs, so enough of the preamble and let’s dive in. We begin with the usual weekly update from RuneScape, which features a new Yak Track with a “Bik and Ful-themed task sequence of god-like proportions.” The rewards track is so long – Jagex says it’s its longest ever – that players will have two months to get their desired goodies. The latest patch otherwise has added an instanced version of the Senntisten Asylum and applied a variety of fixes.

Meanwhile in Old School RuneScape, developers answered a variety of player questions regarding rewards for the Tombs of Amascut raid that’s headed to the game. The questions and answers get pretty granular, particularly for those who are already doing raid content for the MMORPG, so information outlined here might be a bit exclusive, but if you fall into that column then the transcript linked above should provide some insight. One answer does note that this raid is due to come out at an unspecified point in this year.

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