Temtem preps Switch build and next update with PvP, mounts, and auction halls


Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem made a big splash way back in 2018 when it soared through Kickstarter with nearly half a million dollars of gamer money, and while it made it to early access on PC two years ago, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride since then, owning heavily to the global pandemic that crashed everyone’s 2020. Its ambitious roadmap to launch was all but canned a year ago, and studio Crema got the game to early access on PS5 in 2021, but not to the Switch as originally planned. As of last fall, full launch was tentatively back on track for 2022.

So where does it stand right now? Well, for starters, that Nintendo Switch launch, as well as the Xbox Series X and S launches, are all on deck. Crema says the first Switch build is undergoing Nintendo’s certification process right now. “This is just a first step in the process of getting the game set for the platform, and we’ll have to undergo further certification in the future, when the game is closer to launching,” the studio explains. So soon, but not imminently soon.

In the meantime, Crema says it’s still working on its massive Content Update 1 (CU1). The content list here is considerable, including auction halls, territorial PvP, guild wars, and mounts, so you can kinda understand why the game is still currently flagged early access.

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