Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning unleashes Land of the Dead remake and Twitch drops tomorrow


Warhammer Online fans, your home of the last few years has some a big March in store for you! Rogue server Return of Reckoning is launching a massive update tomorrowday and is kindly letting us spoil you on the good news!

The tentpole feature of the patch is the Necropolis of Zandri, better known as the Land of the Dead. ROR’s remake centers on open RvR, where “each realm battles both the other realm to plunder the treasures as well as the Tomb King defenders.” The expedition will run once a week on a randomized schedule. City sieges have also seen significant updating:

“City Sieges have been changed to be scheduled every 3 days instead of occurring after two forts have been captured. Each fortress taken gives your realm one campaign point. The realm with more campaign points when the city siege occurs will siege the enemy capital. In the event that both realms have the same number of campaign points the city to be sieged will be determined randomly. When the city siege occurs you will have 10 minutes to queue up, then all instances will spawn at once at the end of the queue timer. The exact hour the city siege will happen randomized with a weighted random based on population stats. So while it can occur at any hour of the day there’s a higher chance it will occur at times with a higher population online. One or two forts are always kept in a locked state to enable attackers to reach the enemy city gates. When a new fort is taken the previously locked pairing resets to tier 2 again. The extra realm lockout when participating in a fortress is removed.”

There’s more to the update, of course, including a promise of Twitch drops (starting Wednesday, in fact), plus the new killboard, a new weekly RvR warfront, a new multi-flag scenario called Pyramid of Settra, better flag capture in scenarios, quality-of-life tweaks for PvE dungeons, and a significant currency rework that is intended to “allow players to play any of their favorite PvP game-modes without worrying about which game mode gives them the right currency for their desired gear.” As for the finishing touch… how about a music video from Napalm Records?

Source: Press release, official site. This article was amended after publication to clarify that the music won’t be used in-game. Our mistake!
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