Dark Age of Camelot brings out some RvR bonuses as Travelling Merchants resume their travels


The latest catch up event forĀ Dark Age of Camelot has ended, which means that players are now going to need to do different things to get rewards from RvR. Fortunately, the most recent update to the game has rolled out a bunch of new reward improvements for RvR areas, with various areas offering greater rewards for taking part until March 22nd. Hopefully you’ve already caught up enough to take advantage of these areas, then.

Players can also look forward to the re-introduction of travelling merchants with the latest patch, since people are now… you know, travelling again. These merchants will be available outside of Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen until March 22nd as well. Check out their wares, buy something, and enjoy all of the satisfaction of keeping the economy running. Just be sure to do these things within the next two weeks, since after that point everything is moving on once more.

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