LOTRO opens Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra T3 this week, plus check out this amazing player-made map

Lord of the Rings Online is unleashing its 32.0.3 patch today, and while that’s perhaps not the most exciting name, there’s still some good stuff in it – namely, the launch of Gundabad’s The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra T3 raid, which preps today for opening March 10th at noon.

“Beyond the falls of Amgaruslun in the Clovengap lies Abnankâra, the Hiddenhoard. Once an ancient treasury wrought in secret by Mótsog and the Greymauls during their rebellion against the Longbeards in the Elder Days, it has become the lair of Hrímil Frost-heart, a dreaded cold-dragon of Morgoth. Within this frozen retreat, Hrímil tends her wounds and slumbers, dreaming of vengeance upon Prince Durin and the dwarves of the Gabil’akkâ…”

The patch also adds new music boxes to various rep vendors, in addition to several item and class fixes.

In other Lord of the Rings Online news, fans of the game – or even just Tolkien’s Middle-earth – absolutely need to swing by the game’s Reddit, where user Aztur29 has posted one of the best maps of the game world – every zone laid out complete with levels and zone bridges. Players know that the in-game maps are beautiful, but it’s impossible to see everything at once, and especially in the later zones, you’ll be zooming in and out into pocket areas of zones, so the scale of the world can easily be lost. It’s been found right here.

LOTRO interconnected zone map (re-upload) u32 from lotro

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