EverQuest II invites you to join the rowdy revelers for this year’s Brewday


St Patrick’s Day is next week, which means all the Daybreak MMOs that celebrate the event are pulling out their festivities – and that includes EverQuest II, where it’s known as the Brewday Festival. Because it’s about beer.

“Everything we celebrated last year returns including the Overseer questline,” Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games says. “New for this year, though, are merchant items and Tradeskill recipes. Brewday Festival begins [March 10] and ends on March 23, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. PDT.”

“Tilting back a frosty mug of ale with friends is what Brewday Festival is all about! And this year, we’re adding some new stuff for players and bar-mates alike to discover. All you gotta do is find the rowdy revelers near any city in Norrath and they will lead you to where you can toss down a pint or two, and then begin your adventures.”

Back in January, Daybreak released a surprisingly detailed roadmap for the game for 2022, and Brewday wasn’t even explicitly mentioned, just bundled together with other seasonal events. Over the rest of spring, players can look forward to the anniversary, GU 119, Tinkerfest, and a new TLE server.

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