Old School RuneScape outlines what happens when the Shattered Relics league ends on March 16


All good things in Old School RuneScape must come to an end, and even though the Shattered Relics league was extended for the purely wholesome reason of everyone having a lot of fun, the league will indeed come to a close this coming Wednesday, March 16th, and Jagex has offered a rundown of what happens after it does.

While the league worlds will close, all players’ league points will transfer over to the main game, as will the league shop where players can spend those points to get their rewards like the Shattered Relics Hunter outfit, home teleport animation, and ornament kits among other goodies. Trophies earned in the league won’t be immediately doled out, as the devs will need at least 30 minutes to verify numbers; a hotfix shortly after will ensure players get their due.

Just like last year, OSRS will host an end-of-league farewell event at World 500, where players are invited to join in on a parade route from Catherby all the way down through Ardougne. The celebration is set to begin at the crack of dawn here on the east coast of the league’s final day.

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