Past Fate adds better enemy targeting, friend grouping features, and guild creation


MMOs are better with friends, especially if you’re in a harsh sandbox like the one offered in Past Fate. It’s a good thing that the most recent patch to the game has introduced various social aspects then, like the ability to form groups with friends and to create guilds. The notes for the latest update point out that player-made guilds are still in very early phases of testing, so expect some possible jankiness or missing features.

In addition to social updates, the new patch brings improved enemy targeting, with the lock-on feature properly holding to the right foe instead of wandering off past an enemy when fighting. The game now also has raspberries and blueberries, nameplates to identify others easier with Steam IDs integrated in those nameplates, and some unspecified chat improvements. More information can be read in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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