Space sandbox Astroneer has seen more than 8M players over its lifetime


Astroneer has been a fan-favorite multiplayer sandbox both on MOP and in my own household for years now – five years, in fact, since it first rolled into early access. To celebrate that milestone, System Era has released a dev blog with an infographic diving into a whole crapton of numbers with insight into the game’s popularity and progress over time.

For example, the studio counts over 8M players total – a juicy number for a mostly buy-to-play game – with a peak monthly count of just under 1M players and an average playerbase of 560K every month. The game has brought in over $75M in gross revenues to date, with most of those sales on Steam, though the Xbox population dwarfs all other platforms thanks to Xbox Game Pass. More than a third of players are in the USA, and thanks to the global playerbase’s support, System Era has expanded from five full-time staff to 40 over time.

So how well did Astroneer do after its January 2022 Switch launch? “Digital has been available for just under two months and physical launched on Feb 18th so we aren’t ready to talk about that yet, but know we have been extremely pleased with how Astroneer has sold on Switch,” SE’s Joe Tirado says. “We peaked in the top 5 globally on the eshop best seller list so interpret that how you will. ;)”

“Three years on, Astroneer has been purchased nearly 4 million times, played by over 8 million people (thanks GamePass!) and it’s growth continues to surprise us: Astroneer launched on Nintendo Switch in January and sold over 220 thousand units across all platforms in that same month.”

Source: System Era
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