Project Gorgon’s early access updates with new Eltibule content and interface adjustments


Not quite a month ago, we learned the disheartening news that one of the key Project Gorgon developers was undergoing cancer treatments, leading to development delays and efforts to fundraise to hire more devs. We’re all still hoping for the best for the dev and her family, but in the meantime, Elder Game has continued pumping out early access updates anyway.

As of March 11th, the studio pushed out a storyline and monster-bashing update in the form of new content in Eltibule. “After a very long hiatus on the game’s storyline, we’ve started expanding it again,” the devs write. “We’ve only added a few new steps in this update, though it may be somewhat obvious where things are headed. We’ll be adding more storyline quests in future updates.

“Until now, the storyline ended with the quest ‘Chasing Dalvos to Eltibule.’ That quest completed when you talked to Oritania, and there were no further quests. Oritania now has a new storyline quest which she will bestow after ‘Chasing Dalvos to Eltibule’ is complete. You will need to run some errands for her first (although you may have already done those errands for her in the past). There is also a new ‘top floor’ to the dungeon underneath Eltibule Keep. Most of the top floor has low monster density, making it more approachable to players who don’t yet have solid level 30 equipment. There is also a new quest on this top floor, which starts in the first room. (The new ‘top floor’ connects to the older floors, which are almost completely unchanged.)”

Players should check out the whole string of patch notes, which also include a huge array of interface touch-ups, gfx and animation tweaks, ability balancing, and bug fixes.

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