Rogue Company launches a crossover with Rambo, SMITE swings the nerf hammer at mages

Yes, that Rambo


Sure, maybe you like the character of Seeker in Rogue Company, but have you considered that perhaps he’d be better as Sylvester Stallone’s blockbuster character John Rambo? What’s that? You didn’t even have that thought cross your mind? Perhaps you need to retrain your brain because that’s literally what the team-based shooter has done in its latest update.

As of now, players can purchase a Rambo bundle that unlocks the character Seeker and applies a legendary skin to transform him into Rambo along with two weapon skins. The crossover with one of film’s most iconic sufferers of PTSD extends with various themed contracts and objectives that yield additional rewards like an avatar, spray, medal, and title.

The shooter’s latest update also adds three new team deathmatch maps, increases team deathmatch sizes to six players per side, and adds a “human backfill” feature that lets human players take over spots vacated by others mid-match, so now actual people can replace ragequitters instead of bots.

Meanwhile, SMITE has released its newest patch to update 9.2 and it spells bad news for mage characters as they have all gotten a nerfing; several of their core items have weakened in order to tune down their overall performance, and specific gods such as Zeus, Gilgamesh, and Shiva have gotten some targeted nerfs. The patch notes linked above break down all the adjustments.

sources: official newsletters
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