Blade and Soul will sell class changes for a modest $100 apiece


Sick of your class in Blade and Soul, but you don’t want to reroll? Starting tomorrow, you will have another option: to pay for a class change. This move puts Blade & Soul in a rather rare camp of MMOs that allow for such a switch, although the price for such a move is rather steep.

Prepare yourself for sticker shock because the class change bundles that NCsoft is selling are priced at 8,000 Ncoin — which roughly converts to $100. Each of these bundles comes with character alteration vouchers as well, which allows a player to re-select that character’s race and looks.

In addition to the cost of the class change bundle, this service has a few more caveats for players to note. First, they’ll be available for sale only until March 23rd and have to be used by April 13th (it’s a limited-time thing that the studio may bring back in the future). And second, characters have to be level 60 and finished the Legacy of the Hongmoon Class quest to be eligible for a switch.

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