Elite Dangerous brings Fleet Carrier interiors, functioning seats, and a new mission type in Update 11

Right, right, space. We're in it.

After a couple of delays and the unfortunate news that the console version is effectively going into maintenance mode, Update 11 of Elite: Dangerous has officially gone live, bringing the long-awaited feature that every Commander in the game has been yearning for since the Odyssey expansion released: working seats in every concourse.

There are some lesser updates in this patch that are probably worth a nod, such as the addition of on-foot interiors for Fleet Carriers, which can include services that can be found in any other station concourse along with a special bridge area for carrier owners and a safe seating area when a carrier is about to make a jump. The update has also introduced a new “Protect” mission type that tasks groups of players with defending a trade route against attacking criminals, which promises a stern challenge, time-sensitive response, and rich rewards.

Update 11 further introduces another long list of fixes for various Odyssey-related things, more performance optimizations, and some fixes for the Horizons version of the game for both PC and console. That said, we all know it’s definitely all about the chairs.

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