Path of Exile plans to test PC controller support in patch 3.17.3

What... what do we do now.

You can play Path of Exile on a controller… on consoles. That seems a little unfair, doesn’t it? If you really prefer playing with a controller, it has to sort of sting if you have your PC all set up with a nice controller and the game just sort of clucks at you that no, on a PC you can’t use your controller. Good news if that’s irritated the heck out of you, then: It has apparently also irritated the heck out of the developers, which is why controller support for PC players is being rolled out in a beta version in patch 3.17.3 (which is due out very soon).

Caution is advisable, as the controller support is expected to have issues until patch 3.18 as the developers continue testing things. It’s also not available on Mac clients or Epic Game Store clients, so keep that in mind as well. However, other players can give it a shot if they would like to try playing the game with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard. Everyone deserves to have their preferred input method available, after all.

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