Black Desert PC revamps guild combat missions and posts a ton of alpaca gifs


Eternal Winter looms! No, not in real life; right here, we’re getting away from winter and into spring as fast as possible. I’m talking about Black Desert’s Eternal Winter, of course. We’re just three weeks away from the big launch now, and in the meantime, Pearl Abyss is busy cleaning up some of the base systems in the game.

In addition to multiple UI fixes, voiceover dialogue flow adjustments, and the return of Shai alpacas, guild combat missions have seen a revamp and expansion in today’s PC patch.

“We have improved the guild combat missions,” Pearl Abyss says. “Before, the completion rewards were different even if the size limitations were the same, depending on the number of monsters the mission required the guild to kill. Therefore, we have improved the mission rewards to scale based on guild size, lowered the number of monsters for the unpopular missions, cleared out some of the regular missions, and added new missions. However, the guild boss subjugation missions that require the guild boss summons were kept the same.”

Did we mention the alpacas?

Players should also avail themselves of the approximately 5000 events and login rewards that also begin this week. We are exaggerating – but only slightly.

Source: Patch notes
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