Fallen Earth unleashes its St. Patrick’s Day event on players

Faith and begorrah.

The St. Patrick’s Day event in Fallen Earth is surprisingly sneaky on a whole. Yes, it’s obviously meant as a chance for players to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday, which chiefly means wearing green and decorating things with shamrocks. But it’s also the development team’s chance to do something a little bit different with its content, change up the writing style a bit, and try out some new NPC dialogues along the way. So that’s exactly what’s being carefully smuggled into the game with this event.

Of course, the central event remains celebration, so players will want to hunt down one of several event NPCs scattered throughout the world to take part in the festivities. There’s also a traveling merchant with new items for sale to be found throughout the world, so players will want to keep their eyes open to find him as well. The event wraps up on March 31st, so you’ve got time to find everything. This is, if you’ve forgotten, the unexpectedly revived classic version of Fallen Earth; we’ve got some tips if you’re just getting started in the game.

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