EA cancels its usual E3-adjacent EA Play event altogether


Electronic Arts has long had a “you can’t fire me, I quit” attitude toward E3 in general. It doesn’t want to have to deal with the restrictions of the convention itself, so it hosts its own event, EA Play, which happens just offsite and off to one side right at the same time. But this year, even with E3 going all digital this year, it turns out that EA is taking a mulligan on its usual EA Play event as it’s announced that the whole thing is being cancelled for the year.

The stated reason is just that things aren’t lining up to show off everything on one single date, so the publisher has promised to be revealing more information about its upcoming games throughout the year in smaller formats. No statements have been made about the future of EA Play as a concept, but at least this year, expect a constant drip-feed of news instead of just one livestreamed event about Madden you can ignore when it happens.

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