Elite Dangerous puts console to PC wealth transfers on hold to assess possible changes


Before Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments elected to put the kibosh on content development for consoles, it allowed players a one-time transfer of wealth from one platform to another, moving only credits and the credit cost of any owned ships but leaving behind all other items such as purchased Arx, DLC, in-game progress, and more. However, that policy is due for a change of some kind in the near future.

A post on Reddit from an Xbox player (understandably) trying to move to PC shared the following automated message from FDev:

“This is a mass response being sent to everyone who has recently contacted Frontier Support to request a platform asset transfer.

“We are currently in the process of assessing our platform asset transfer policy and seeing what changes are possible for the immediate future. While we investigate these potential improvements we will be holding off on fulfilling platform asset transfer requests until an updated policy is in place.

“Once in place, we will reply to every ticket to outline the new policy and address each request individually under the updated terms. There is currently no ETA on when this might be however we are aiming to update our terms as soon as possible.”

Naturally, this response has led to no shortage of speculation on just what the changing terms could mean moving forward, particularly for console players who are interested in shifting away from a platform in maintenance mode to one in active development. Judging by replies to the Reddit thread, the vast majority of people are both hoping that complete character transfers will be coming and also not holding their breath.

Meanwhile, FDev is set to return to regular livestreams today, March 17th, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. If the responses to the tweet are anything to go by, the chat for this one could be particularly… spicy, we’ll say.

sources: FDev support site, Reddit, Twitter, cheers Stuart!
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