This Means Warp is a Jagex-published spaceship management roguelike now in early access


Space is hard. There are whole fields of science dedicated to the matter, after all. That doesn’t mean that video games can’t make these challenges a little fun, which brings us to This Means Warp, a new game from Jagex’s publishing arm Jagex Partners and developed by Outlier Games that has launched to Steam early access today.

This Means Warp is set in a dystopian sci-fi future with a cartoon twist, where the mysterious Norg have attacked one of humanity’s outer planets, and shady mega-corporation GloboCorp has vowed revenge on the Norg mothership. When their ship’s entire crew are accidentally sucked out of the airlock, players must make the perilous journey across the galaxy – alone or with up to three friends – engaging in both combat and non-combat encounters.”

Described as a game that draws inspiration from other multiplayer titles like Overcooked and FTL, This Means Warp challenges teams of players to think both tactically and quickly as they take on procedurally generated space-based problems like hostile ships and asteroid field navigation, managing ship systems and repairs along the way, all with multiplayer and replayability as core parts of its design.

For those who are eager to experience something from Jagex that isn’t RuneScape-shaped, the game can be picked up now.

source: press release
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