Hearthstone announces Voyage to the Sunken City card set for next month


Scrounge up your SCUBA gear and make best friends with your neighborhood murlocs, because Hearthstone is heading underwater for its next card set. Blizzard announced Voyage to the Sunken City, an expansion that invites you into its murky depths on April 12th.

Voyage to the Sunken City will add 135 new cards to the game, the Naga minion type, “sunken” cards, a pair of nautical keywords, and other fun tweaks. Players can log in right now to receive a free Blademaster Okani Legendary minion as a promotion for the update.

To get ready for the expansion, Patch 22.6 came out yesterday with the return of the battlegrounds armor system, a new hero called Ambassador Faelin, a new Submersible Chef buddy, and several balance changes.

Also there’s an event to close out the month: “On March 22, Leeroy Jenkins is charging into Mercenaries with his own special event. The event consists of 10 special Tasks starring Leeroy and the Black Dragonflight!”

Source: Hearthstone
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