New World’s latest PTR build adds Tempest’s Heart mutators and nerfs the blunderbuss weapon


Yesterday saw yet another noteworthy update to the New World PTR, offering up some general adjustments to the game, another round of bug fixing, and another dungeon getting the mutator treatment.

The first major note lets players test out mutators in the Tempest’s Heart expedition, as well as some general fixes to combat and updated rewards for the encounter. The second major hallmark of the test build is a series of nerfs to the blunderbuss weapon that touch its base damage and some of its abilities, as well as a squashing of several perk and ability bugs.

The rest of this test build mostly features an assortment of fixes for other weapons like the hatchet and sword/shield, outpost rush, certain quests, and the UI. It’s not a feature-rich test build update, but it’s still something that players may want to mark or submit feedback on.

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