New World’s spring-to-autumn roadmap promises new expeditions, events, greatsword, and dungeon group finder


Amazon has just dropped its March developer video for New World – and it comes with a roadmap in tow, or at least a teaser graphic for the longer roadmap.

The core of the episode itself is focused on the March update, of course – that’s Heart of Madness with its endgame Tempest’s Heart expedition that brings the Isabella storyline to a close, and the run-and-gun blunderbuss weapon skill. We’ll also see 3v3 arenas and the concomitant reward track coming this spring.

Summer will see a themed event, the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, and the long-awaited group finder for expeditions. And finally, come autumn, players can expect the Brimstone Sands Territory (Scot Lane says it’s a new area and desert culture), the Ennead expedition, greatsword weapon line, leaderboards, and Halloween and updated Thanksgiving events. Lane does note that this roadmap isn’t all-inclusive, so expect more content to sneak its way in between the seasons.

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