Ravendawn is patching in numerous quality-of-life and convenience updates based on alpha feedback

Yay? Yes?

Good news, Ravendawn fans, you can now shut the door in someone’s face! The game is making a variety of changes for its players based on the numerous pieces of feedback received during its most recent alpha test, and that includes shutting doors. It does lack the visceral impact of a specific action for slamming the door in someone’s face, but we assume that’s coming with a later update. Hey, maybe it’s part of the game’s new tutorial which should help new players get into the game and understand how to play with fewer issues.

Other changes include the UI displaying party members on the minimap and world map, soulbound versions of any crafted quest items, and the creation of several new mushrooms. Add in the variety of bug fixes and improvements, and players will have an overall better experience after the game’s most recent alpha test. So maybe you’ll be in such a good mood you won’t want to slam a door shut in anyone’s face! Readers will recall that Ravendawn is a retro MMO built with Open Tibia; it has missed its originally planned release window, but when fully launched, it’s expected to include everything from player housing to a player-run economy.

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