The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best animal taming mechanics?


I saw a fun thread on Reddit a while back that made me all nostalgic for Ultima Online. The player was looking for MMOs with tamer classes, and I want to expand that to isolate the games with actual taming mechanics, not just pets.

For example, my Lore-master in LOTRO “gets” pets, and my Guild Wars 2 Ranger can scoop up babies from the wild and turn them into ferocious beasts. But there are way better systems for people who want to treat their pets as extensions of themselves. Depending on which flavor of Star Wars Galaxies rogue server you play, you’ll have to craft a pet from DNA and other materials, then level it painstakingly into a critter capable of fighting. (I have a torton. She’s the cutest.) But I can’t not favor Ultima Online, where Animal Tamers with their cu sidhe, ‘mares, and dragons were literally the most elite characters in the game.

Which MMO has the best animal taming mechanics? Where would you go to really experience this type of gameplay?

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