Whatever happened to Civil War simulator War of Rights?


It’s been nearly a year now since we checked in with controversial Civil War battle simulator War of Rights, and while the team has slowed down from their previously frantic pace of updates, the project is still chugging along at a solid clip.

For starters, the title is still officially in alpha early access, albeit an alpha with over 175 updates to its name. Update 174 came out last July with end-of-fight battle reports, performance improvements, and overhauled artillery physics. Then in September, the game added musicians (drummers, fifes, and buglers), an increase in the player cap of a battle to 200, and tools such as muting and demotions to handle irritating players.

The player cap doubled to 400 last October, followed by companies in December for more organizational options to handle these higher populations.

So far in 2022, the team has shown off new customization options, a photo mode, horse combat, and a conquest game mode.

Source: Steam
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