MechWarrior Online adds the Emerald Vale map and Bloodname ‘Mechs in latest update


There’s been a new update to the online multiplayer of MechWarrior Online, bringing some new stuff for players to check out, and one of those new things is hard to miss: the Bloodname ‘Mech, a new variant of existing robots that covers the chassis in glowing red lines. For reasons.

The new Bloodname ‘Mech pack offers up a glowing red Kitfox and Summoner, both with some unique quirks that do things like improve certain types of armor or reduce the heat from laser weapons. On the subject of quirks, several existing ‘Mechs have gotten some adjustments to their passives.

The headlining attraction for the update is the introduction of the Emerald Vale quick play map. This new map is based on a faction play map called Emerald Taiga and supports Assault, Conquest, Domination and Skirmish modes, and features several lanes for ‘Mechs to tromp around on and lots of natural rock cover to hide behind. Screenshots and patch notes are available for player viewing pleasure.

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